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Air Travel
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Air Travel
Discussion 1
Globalization, also explained as having a more interconnected world has led to increases in aviation activities. Transport through the air has been the most used in international business and leisure. Air travel has experienced an increase in the traveling population where this population is traveling for business or tourism purposes. This growth in air traffic has caused a strain on international airports and has called for the airports to come up with a solution. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has suggested the idea of developing super hubs that will serve as transfer airports (FAA, 2018). Super hubs are airports that will be used to concentrate passengers and serve transfer points to get passengers to their final destination.
The idea of the FAA to have super hubs acting as transfer airports is a good idea to reduce the traffic being experienced in airports. Hubs being created by international airports in different places have proven to be helpful in reducing traffic. For example, London is creating the London Britannia Airport that is expected to have six runways to support the increasing air traffic in London. Also, the busiest airport in the Middle-East, Dubai International Airport, is creating a hub known as Al-Maktoum Airport that will help reduce the traffic in the international airport.
The idea of having super hubs will help the country in increasing its economic activities and tourism. More people will be able to visit the country as the hubs will have the ability to handle large numbers of people. This will improve the tourism sector in the country and also boost the economic activities as the people traveling will bring in money in the economy (FAA, 2018). Taking the hubs in remote areas will help those areas to grow and will reduce congestion of air traffic in the city.
Discussion 2
The saying that ‘if you have seen one airport, you have seen one airport’ can be interpreted in different ways. At first, I thought that this meant that airports are different and unique and that no feature in one airport can be common to another airport. This interpretation of the saying was misguided, and after learning much about airport management, the interpretation of this saying has changed and expanded.
Airports are different because the activities and requirements of an airport are unique to the activities carried out in that airport. The types of aircraft that land and take off in a certain airport dictate the type of infrastructure need in that airport. Since the aircraft in airports is not similar, this causes the differences in different airports (Sharkey, 2015). Every airport is constructed to fit the requirements of its craft. Also, the people who are visiting that airport also influence the way in which an airport is made and looks like. This is because airports ensure that they meet the demands of their customers.
My viewpoint about the saying has changed and expanded. I understand that airports are designed to be unique depending on the aircraft and customers that the airport hosts. The type of infrastructure is designed to fit the activities of that particular airport. However, this does not mean that there are some similarities between airports. All airports are built in a way that ensures the operations in the airport runs smoothly and that the safety of people in the airport is considered (Sharkey, 2015). The design of airports in the present day is trying to be done in a way that considers the likelihood of future growth in air traffic.
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