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Note: Sometimes “evidence” and/or “analysis” will require more than a sentence; the choice about how to best structure and communicate is yours as a graduating HS writer.

Text of Focus:


Paragraph 1


Topic Sentence:


Style 1 (better for texts that are problematic themselves): The “Burger King ad” illustrates various problematic messages when considered in the Feminism criticism perspective.


Concept #1: Sexual Objectification is depicted through a stereotype for women as sexual objects

Evidence #1: The image is demonstrated so that one can connect it to “blow job,” which is a common sexual practice that has not received total social acceptance.

Analysis #1: The burger in the minds of those who may perceive the image through sexist aspect represents the male sex organ which the lady approaches for the sexual act. It also depicts a situation that women are always fond of sex and would consider trying new things with the perception of experimenting.


Concept #2: Sexism is observed through a discriminative presentation of the woman in the advert.

Evidence #2: It is clear that the ad preferred a woman rather than a man in communicating a message that could be easily misunderstood.

Analysis #2: Considering sexism, the man cannot be criticized as his part in the ad is represented with another object and no direct humiliation arises at any time. One can depict women rather than men as sexually obsessed.


Conclusion/”Final Thought”: The ad was meant to advertise a burger; it went beyond a simple illustration to establish gender bias for women. As such, it deviates the audience from the actual perspective of food to think deeply about sex



Rough Draft Paragraph:

The “Burger King ad” illustrate different problematic messages when focused on the Feminism criticism lens.

First, it displays sexual objectification, which stereotypes women as sexual objects. A closer look into it can confuse it for a blow job activity, which is an uncommon sexual practice mainly carried out for those considered experts in the act. As a result, it is an aspect that is socially strange (Abby, 2014).. Through a sexual mind, the burger represents the male sex organ and appears large in size so that the image of “blowing the mind” can be depicted.

Secondly, sexism can be depicted through the discriminative presentation of women. One could ask themselves why a man was not shamed by representing him physically as it was done to the woman. Again, it could be identified why they could not use a man for the burger advert instead of a woman (Abby, 2014). Then, can easily conclude that women are sexually obsessed than men, which is not always the case with such in mind.


Generally, despite being presented to advertise a burger, the ad went beyond to illustrate gender biases. As a result, it draws the audience from the original thought to consider women as sex enthusiasts.







Abby Johnston (Aug. 7, 2014). Model in burger King’s sexist “Blow job” Ad had no freaking idea. (2014, August 7). Bustle.















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