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APA citation format

APA citation format


The APA citation format contains several elements, including the surname of the author, year of publication, and page numbers. The expected referencing of the APA citation format allows your readers to access significant information regarding the quoted sources in your work. The reader of your work should be able to effectively track your materials and access them if they want. The APA citation format is among the numerous systems of referencing that can be applied as a referencing guiding tool.

The APA citation format is commonly applied in science, psychology, and educational writings. The final list of references in the APA citation format is found on the last page of the paper, and it should be noted that there are footnotes in an APA citation format. The in-text citation for the APA citation format always abides by the author-year rule. This implies that the writer’s surname and the year of publication are applied in the context. Therefore, one complete reference for each source should be mentioned in the list of references on the paper’s last page. The in-text citation in the APA citation format is always in the format: (Writer’s surname, year of publication) for instance (Waltah, 2007). The APA citation format is significant as it provides clarity to the paper’s content. This assists the writer in arranging the sources applied in their work. The readers of your work will not find it challenging to access significant information regarding the sources used.

Using the APA citation format for social sciences and psychological papers is incredible because it makes sure that all the sources and text in the project are provided accordingly.  This type of consistency is especially essential because the covered topics in science papers are commonly sophisticated. The APA citation format is historically made to standardize the scientific writing process.

The APA style citations in your research paper

As mentioned earlier, the APA citation format abides by the author-year layout. These elements are important to cite effectively using the APA format (Writer’s last name, year of publication, page number). Always ensure you consider the order of components, including the punctuation marks as illustrated here. Suppose your marks of citation complete the sentence, and then it should be placed before the full stop because it is a section of the reference. For instance:

[…] this is among the numerous reasons why exercising and maintaining a healthy diet are important.

The APA citation format demands one to list all the writers of material for complete reference in the final list of references. Sources with at least eight writers are treated otherwise. It is important to note that the APA citation format is not the expected style for all institutions and disciplines. It is therefore vital to confirm with your instructor if the APA style is acceptable. Additionally, the new ninth edition of APA style does not demand that one show the date when they last accessed the referenced sources on the internet. However, one should present the most recent access date if the said referenced online source is likely to be deleted or edited later. It is also advisable to confirm the APA citation format requirements for online sources you have doubts about. The best thing to do is to be consistent and always mention the most recent access date, not only when you are unsure. Besides, always confirm with your instructor if you have doubts regarding referencing a particular source on the internet.

Complete citation in the list of the references  section

This article will touch on the most popular and significant types of sources one might meet while working on their essay or thesis. Suppose you are not certain; you need to confirm with the manual APA style. For example, perhaps you might wish to reference a rather precise source that is not mentioned in this article. An APA citation format manual is a comprehensive guide that provides rules for handling special cases.

Additionally, one should never type the first and middle names of the writer, only the initials, thus leaving some space between them. Do not forget that every entry of the reference list in the APA citation format must start with a hanging indent.  Also, while referencing APA, you need to ensure that the initial line of every reference is left-justified and the rest of the lines are indented.

Literature citation in various languages in APA citation format

Suppose your paper is in another language other than English, referencing an English source; you need to abide by the abbreviations applied in that language. You also need to check the list of references keenly for punctuation marks, especially the period at the end of every citation source. The only exclusion in internet sources is that they typically have no period in the end.

Sources from the internet in APA citation format

When citing sources from the internet, the APA style abides by precise rules. One should always check the manual for APA style to understand what it recommends for the specific source you want to reference in your work. Suppose it is the first time you reference the source in your work; you have to type the whole name accompanied by the acronym. From there, you can simply use the acronym to accurately reference in the APA format paper.

Why APA citation format?

When using APA style in your thesis, dissertation, or even term paper, you will use a list of references rather than a bibliography. What sets a reference list apart from a bibliography is found in the sources that create both lists. As for the APA style, you need to present a reference list, meaning you need to list the sources referenced in your work. More importantly, when using the APA format, the intext citations must abide by the writer-year style, similar to Havard’s style. Although, the Harvard format needs a reference list that should have all the sources used in the literature research but were not referenced.




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