APA paper format

APA paper format

The APA paper format is among the most used styles in research papers and higher education to make sure all the sources are properly cited. Regardless of its universality, academia’s numerous nuances can unintentionally make it difficult to master. Higher education’s goal is to create new ideas, and understanding the APA style allows us to participate in the global conversation. The main objective of the APA paper format is to properly format a paper and cite sources. It also offers authors a consistent format that is applicable anytime they need to write. This form of consistency assists writers arranges their research and argument properly.

When asked to write an essay in APA paper format, the work should always be a standard-sized paper that is 8.5 by 11 inches accompanied by a 1-inch margin on every side and typed in double spaced. When writing your APA paper format essay, ensure that you apply a readable font which is usually the 12 point times new roman font. In an APA paper format, what lets the readers concentrate on the content of the paper instead of the presentation is the format, structure, and order of the paper; consistency.

When developing an APA paper format, the writer can apply the automatic settings and adjusting tools of the word-processing software or apply minimal alterations. The general rules for an APA paper format are applicable for both learners’ assignment manuscripts being handed in for journal publication.  Suppose one intended to apply the APA paper format to develop other types of work, including PowerPoint presentations, posters for conferences, or websites, and they might have to format their work differently to optimize their work effectively. For instance, by applying font sizes and line spacing. Additionally, it is always important to adhere to the instructions of the publisher or institution when adapting the APA paper format guidelines are requested.

The APA paper format basic guidelines

Your APA paper format essay must be typed using a clear and readable font, and the most recommended is the 12 point times new roman font. The APA paper format should be double spaced in terms of line spacing and on a standard-sized paper, that is 8.8 by 11 inches with one-inch margins on each side. Additionally, you need to include the page header, commonly referred to as the running head, at each page’s top. The process of creating the running head involves inserting the page numbers flush right, followed by typing the paper’s topic in the header left and in upper case. Since the page title is typically a brief version of the essay’s title, it must not surpass fifty characters, including punctuation and spacing.

Major APA paper format sections

Your essay needs to include the four main parts: the abstract, references, title page, and main body (not in that order    ).

The title page

This section contains the title of your essay, the name of the author, and the institutional name. Note that the page header, as discussed above, is on the flush left, and the page number is on the flush right on the page’s top. The APA paper format, specifically APA 7, takes a different trajectory in professional papers such as those purposed for journal publications and student papers such as those intended for credit acquisition in college or high school courses.

A professional paper’s title page must include the author’s note. A learner’s APA paper format essay should also mention the course name and code, instructor’s anime, and the date of the assignment’s submission. Additionally, on the title page, a; ways ensure that the title of the paper is upper and lowercase letters positioned in the center of the top half of the page. The title needs to be placed at the center and written in bold. The APA paper format recommends that the title be concise and focused and that it needs to include words or abbreviations that have no purpose. Besides, your tile might use up a single or a couple of lines. All the title page’s content and the entire paper need to be double spaced. After the title, type the writer’s name and begin with the first name, middle initials, and surname. Note that the educational title includes DR., and Ph.D. should not be used. After typing the author’s name below it, write the institution’s name, which must show the location where the author carried out the research.

In APA paper format, it is mandatory for a professional paper to include the author’s note just below the institution’s name, in the title’s page, half bottom. This needs to be divided into various paragraphs, and any irrelevant paragraph must be removed. The beginning paragraph needs to include the name of the writer, the ORCID iD symbol, and its URL. Any author without the ORCID iD must be removed. The next paragraph must present an alteration in affiliation or any of the author’s demise. The third paragraph must mention any acknowledgments, including the registration of the study, data sharing and open practices, financial assistance, conflict of interest, and other related reports. The final and fourth paragraph consists of the corresponding author’s contact information. However, an APA paper format essay for a student must not include the author’s note.


The abstract section is usually one paragraph, double spaced and ranging between 150-250 words. This part is started on a new page and should always have the page header as discussed above. The starting line of this page involves the word “abstract”  at the center, and it should not be put in quotation marks, underlining, italics, formatting, or bold. The next line should be a brief description of the main points of the research and do not indent. The abstract includes conclusions, data analysis, results, research questions, methods, and research topic (not in that order). You might even mention the potential benefits of the research and future research you notice related to your research.

Additionally, you might add keywords from your research in this section. Suppose you want to do this; make sure you indent as if you are beginning a new paragraph. The name keywords should be typed in italics then followed by listing the intended keywords. Listing the keywords is important as it may assist other researchers in finding your work when searching in the databases.



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