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Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions

Chapter 5 Flashcards

Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions

1. What is the basic purpose of government agencies?

2. What is the purpose of state administrative agencies?

3. What are the basic Administrative Procedure Act requirements that agencies must observe in rulemaking?

4. What are the quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative powers that some agencies are given in their enabling legislation?

5. Where does one look to �ind the exact power that Congress has given to an independent federal agency?

6. Although agency heads change from time to time as part of the political process, most agency employees are unaffected by changes in political administrations. Why?

7. Julian works in a shoe manufacturing plant putting the soles on leather shoes using a machine similar to a lathe, a rotating metal pipe. On the day in question, Julian was preparing to place the leather into the machine when a piece of his clothing became caught on the lathe, pulling on his arm and causing severe injuries. His employer refuses to pay for any of his injuries, claiming that the injury is completely the fault of Julian’s negligence. What options for remedy would Julian have? Assume that another employee pushed Julian into the machine, and that is why he suffered the injuries. Now what would Julian’s options for remedy be? Now assume the employer pushed him into the machine, and that is the sole reason he suffered the injuries. In this situation what would Julian’s options for remedy be?

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Unit II

Criminal Law and Torts


Chapter 6: Criminal Law

In this chapter you will:

Understand the elements and classi�ications of different types of crime.

Identify defenses to criminal liability.

Chapter 7: Intentional Torts

In this chapter you will:

Understand the elements and classi�ications of intentional torts.

Chapter 8: Negligence, Strict Liability, and Product Liability

In this chapter you will:

Understand the elements of negligence and use of the “reasonable person standard.”

Identify defenses to negligence.

Distinguish between strict liability and product liability.


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