Editor Needed for Self-Help Book

I’m looking for someone with excellent English and literary skills to edit the content and copy of my book. The book has already been through a some revision phases but this is the final phase before the book will be published in a few weeks. It’s a self-improvement book about how to implement practical healthy habits into your life to have a better mind, body and soul. Some themes include: diet, exercise, mental health, emotional health, impact of social circles on you, integrity and practices to help manage stress.

As far as the editing goes, I’m on a tight deadline so I need someone that can work quickly and focus attention on this project over the week. I need content and copy edits completed by December 6. This book is a little under 20,000 words (not including APA references which don’t need to be proofread), words, 7 chapters and 64 pages (references are included at the end) in Microsoft Word, 12-point font, with 1.5 spacing.

I’m looking for someone with editing experience and interest in this type of book. I’m working on this with previous best sellers, so this will be great exposure for you and your work. if you’re interested in the project, submit a proposal with why you’re interested and your price (I entered $60 since I was told $50-$60 is the price of editors in a book, but let me know your price). Also, please include the phrase Cali Bear at the top of your bid. If you have any questions just let me know. Thank you!

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