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how to cite a poem in MLA

How to cite a poem in MLA

When you are practicing or perfecting your skills on how to cite a poem in MLA, it is important to learn how to format the citations and in-text quotations accurately. Perfecting this skill of how to cite a poem in MLA helps the reader to access the apt sources applied in the Works Cited section at the end of the paper.

When you cite an individual line or a section of the line in the poem, you have to add quotation marks as you would have in any other citation. For citations with more than one line, there are various and rather specific formatting guidelines to follow. For instance, if you are citing two or three lines, to show the line breaks, ensure you put a forward slash.  Place a space before and after using the forward slash. Also, it is mandatory to use the exact punctuation, styling, and capitalization as the ones in the original source. Finally, apply a double forward slash in case of the stanza breaks in between the lines.

When learning more about how to cite a poem in MLA, you might have to quote four or more lines; therefore, you should quote them using a block quotation. Always include a sentence of introduction finishing with a colon, then begin the citation on another line, ½ inch indented from the left margin and no marks of quotation.  When learning how to cite a poem in MLA, you need to understand that when using block citation, put all the line breaks in the citation and ensure the formatting is as similar or close to exactness as to the original text. Suppose there is any unique spacing; duplicate this in the block citation.

how to cite a poem in MLA: in-text citation

When citing in poetry, the poet’s surname should be stated clearly for the reader to easily access the applied sources in the Works Cited list. When citing various poems by one poet, it is important to state the title of the poem you are citing. Typically, you should state the poet’s name in the primary text as you introduce the citation. Suppose this is not the case, or there is no ambiguity regarding the poem you are citing; mention the poet’s name and the title, however, after the citation and in parenthesis.

how to cite a poem in MLA: page and line numbers in the in-text citations

When perfecting your skills on how to cite a poem in MLA, there are times when you meet poems published, but they include line numbers within the margins. In this situation, apply for the given line numbers in your work’s in-text citation to enhance the ease of accessing the source. Use the term line or lines in the initial citation, and it should come before the comma; however, only the numbers in the ensuing citations. Additionally, when learning more about how to cite a poem in MLA, if you have mentioned the name of the author already when introducing the citation, and there are zero page or line numbers, then no parenthetical quotation is required.

how to cite a poem in MLA: continuous quotations of the same poem

Suppose, when practicing how to cite a poem in MLA, you need to quote one poem within the same paragraph; you only have to state the poet’s name in the initial citation. The next quotations can simply include a page or line number or be removed completely in case there are no numbers to state; the important thing is to make sure you clearly show in the work that you are still quoting the same poem.

how to cite a poem in MLA: Works Cited

In the works cited section, begin by mentioning the name of the author, then the poem’s title but in quotation marks. Next, include the information regarding the source, particularly where was the poem published? Typically, you have to abide by the MLA website or book citation format.

Suppose the poem being cited was found in a book, probably it is from the poet’s collection of work; make sure to include the book’s name in italics, the name of the publisher, the year of publication, then the page or page range where the poem is found. On the other hand, if the poem quoted was published as a section of an anthology, abide by the similar format as the one in a book; however, include the name of the editors.

How to cite a poem in MLA basically implies introducing the citation and using quotation marks as one would in any other citation source. Suppose the citation involves line breaks; it is important to mark them with a forward slash and a space on one of the sides. To show the presence of a stanza break, apply two forward slashes. Also, in case the citation is more than three lines long, set them as an MLA block citation from the primary text. Duplicate the styling, punctuation, and line breaks of the original source.

For the works cited section of your MLA essay, when learning how to cite a poem in MLA, always begin with the name of the poet and, in quotation marks, key in the title of the poem. The other part of the quotation relies on the place where the poem was published. Suppose you found the poem in a collection or a book; abide by the MLA book chapter quotation style. And if the poem was found on the internet, stick to the MLA website quotation. This implies that when the poem is from a website, you should include the URL and the website’s name. Additionally, if the website has a date of publication, ensure to include it; otherwise, include the date you recently accessed it. Also, if significant, you could include the first year of publication immediately after the title of the poem.







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