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Marketing Plan


Executive Summary

Your Business is based on Web Design and development in Israeli market. Your aim is to offer web development services to businesses and individuals in the Israeli Market. The demand and the growth rate for internet related services in both small and medium business markets seem to be at an all-time high with no signs of slowing anytime. Even more astonishing is the fact that only a few companies in the Israeli markets have taken advantage of this opportunity. There is no domination participating in this huge Israeli Market. The nature of the web development market is very scattered without a proper standard. While there are some web developers in the Israeli market, there are very few who will cater to the SME sector something you should take advantage of.

Company Summary


Your vision should be to provide best class web design and development services in a way that is not only simple, efficient but also cost effective to the Israeli market.


  • Provision of best class web design and development services
  • Making a positive impact on your customers’ businesses
  • Getting respect and admiration from peers.


  • Developing a comprehensive and high-quality portfolio
  • Creating a company whose primary goal will be to exceed customer’s expectations.

Keys To Success

  • Providing value for money proposition
  • Differentiation in the market through products and services
  • Positioning your company as a viable alternative to more established brands
  • Ability to manage multiple stakeholders.

Market Research of Web Design and Development Industry in Israeli

The growth of the web design and development industry is huge in the Israeli Market. It has grown almost by 30% (Karatsevidis, 2016). The web is becoming a crucial tool for communication, interaction, and growth of Israeli Businesses. The growth of the Web Design and Development industry is attributable to the people who are using the web as a business to sell their goods and services. Advertising on the web is also becoming very common nowadays in the Israeli Market. With such high avenues to use the web, web development is such a huge business opportunity.

The growth of the web design and development industry is spurred by the growth of businesses which are trying to push their products and services to Israeli consumers who are increasingly using the internet every day. Another key factor that has enabled the growth of Web Design and development is the decline in the cost of creating and managing websites. Nowadays it is cheap for companies. Therefore a large number of small web developers are joining the web development and design industry.

The advent of e-commerce in the Israeli market has also been a plus point to the growth of the Israeli web design and development industry.

The following stats show an increase in the Israeli Market ( Source: Karatsevidis, 2016).

Internet Usage Statistics
6,740,287 Internet users in Dec 2017, 79.7% of the population, according to IWS.

Facebook Statistics
5,800,000 Facebook subscribers in Dec, 2017, 68.6% of the population.

Latest Population Estimate
8,452,841 population for 2018, according to the UN Population Div.

Gross National Income:
GNI per capita is US$ 34,990 (2016) according to the World Bank.

Israel Country Area (Size):
21,671 sq km and the population density is 378 persons per sq km.

Internet Growth and Population Statistics

YEAR Users Population % Pop. Usage Source
2000 1,270,000 6,986,639 18.2 % ITU
2008 5,263,146 7,112,358 74.0 % TNS
2012 5,313,530 7,590,758 70.0 % IWS
2015 5,928,772 7,935,149 74.7 % IWS
2016 5,941,174 8,174,527 72.7 % IWS
2018 6,740,287 8,452,841 79.7 % IWS


Key to success in The Web Design and Development Industry In Israeli Market

  • Production techniques that will add value to Client’s products: Provision of value-added services for clients.
  • Having loyal customer base: You should consider developing over time a base of repeat clients



  • Combining Smart Elements- You can create a smart element; a part of the site that can emphasize and create uniqueness to the customer’s site.
  • Experienced- You are an experienced professional in the field of web design and development supported by a strong blend of designers and developers.
  • Ability to build a website to the final customer of the site owner- I can develop a website as per the final customer of my client or even different target audiences which helps my customers to find what they are looking on the site owners with
  • Market demand- As seen in the market research, the demand for web design is at an all-time high in the Israeli market. The market is sustainable and is a lucrative proposition for my venture into the web design market.


  • Several Players- The Israeli market has several players of varying sizes ranging from big corporates to small-time freelancers in the Web design and development industry. Besides, the market is disorganized and chaotic. The lack of an established band has allowed different web development first to enter the market and establish themselves.
  • Competitive market- though the market has a high demand, there is still high competition. To make a mark in the industry on requires focus and aggressive marketing.


  • Product portfolio- Technology remains volatile thus highly flexible, and that would be great for sustainability.
  • Scaling onto other geographies- I will definitely aim to be a global firm.


  • Price wars- As a result of high and disorganized competition, a price war is highly likely which can damage the industry
  • Threat from existing players- the market share of the existing players is difficult to encroach on initially.
  • Threats from new entrants- as a result of the low entry barrier, new entrant threats will always be prevalent.

Marketing Strategy

I think you should enter the Israeli market by providing web design and development services to new and emerging small businesses.

Target Market – You will initially target Israeli based organizations and then move to the wider global market. The target segments you should consider here would be Large Corporates, Small and Medium Sized Organizations and Entrepreneurs.

Market Engagement Strategy – Being a startup, you will initially depend on the business network to generate leads. You should also consider advertising in select business journals and join business networks to market your services. You can try out business networks like LinkedIn and many others. You should also regularly update your website with information and articles to engage customers and inform them about the services being offered.

Strategy – Your marketing strategy should focus on market and consumer needs. For your case, your marketing strategy should focus on the following:

  • Creating the product & service differentiation between your services with other similar products and services
  • Highlight the advantages of your firm over your competitors
  • Create brand awareness about your product and services
  • Enable user experience that relates to building trust between the consumer and your company
  • Use of existing user base & network to capture or help capture the market

Tactics– Tactics will define the key marketing operations that you will need to carry out.

  • The advantages of your firm as a service provider
  • Robust business processes
  • User friendliness & Convenience
  • Comprehensive solution provider
  • Use of reseller initiative to engage customers in marketing the products and packages

Programs–To increase brand awareness and market your products you should undertake the following;

  • Effective use of social media

You should join social media groups of Israeli market related to web design and development activities. Then you can be posting materials and marketing your web development services from there.

  • Post marketing literature to target consumers mostly in social media groups of the web design and development industry from the Israeli
  • Press releases in key newspapers informing consumers about the merits of your web development services. You should mention advantages like smart elements here.
  • Advertise through the electronic media and social networks to increase brand awareness for your web development services
  • Maintain & popularize product blog of your web development services.

















Karatsevidis, K. (2016). Selecting the best performing online marketing communication channels to an international start-up Eve.



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