MLA format on google docs

MLA format on google docs

One might be stressed about the content of their paper; however, it is significant to abide by the precise format requested by your instructor, for instance, MLA format on google docs. Suppose you have met an academic, business, or research paper with instructions in MLA format on google docs, and you have no clue what this implies and how to do it, worry not; this article is here to relieve you. This article will discuss how to do MLA format on google docs through a manual and template layout.

MLA format: definition

When learning all about MLA format on google docs, it is crucial to understand what MLA format means. MLA is an acronym for Modern Language Association and was developed to enhance the teaching and study of literature and language. Suppose you are questioned about the MLA style; you need to describe the precise rules and guidelines; however, different institutions have quite different expectations. When it comes to the MLA format on google docs, the following are among the various main formatting rules to observe according to the  MLA Handbook.

  • An inch margin on each side of the content
  • A clear type font, preferably between 11 and 13 sizes, and the common style contracts accordingly with the italic. Times New Roman is the most recommended; however, it is not mandatory.
  • Inline spacing, use double space for the whole text
  • The first line of each paragraph must be ½ inch indented from the left margin
  • On the header’s right side, type your last name, click the space button, then the next page numbers. This must be ½ inch from the top and the right margin flushed
  • On the initial page, type your name, the name of your instructor, details for your course, and the due date for submission. Besides, on this first page, below all these details, position your title in the middle. It should have any specific formatting, for instance, underlining or bold.
  • At the end of your work, and on a fresh page, place your list of references. This section should be titled “Works Cited,” placed at the center and one inch from the page’s top. Every entry must be entered with the left margin and with more lines, ½ inch indented and from the left margin.

Applying MLA format on google docs: Template

When learning more about the MLA format on google docs, you should know that Google docs provide various templates; thus, you do not need to set it manually using the formatting guidelines. One of those templates is solely for the MLA style, and the following steps explain how to apply it when using the MLA format on google docs.

  • Click on File, then choose New and click on From Template
  • This will lead you to the template collection here. Try finding the Education header after scrolling down.
  • Click on Report MLA. This will lead you to an MLA-style document with dummy text ready to be replaced.
  • There are details on the sidebar’s right hand regarding the EasyBib add-on with an automatic bibliography citation generator that has a pairable template. In learning more about the MLA format on google docs, click Add to the Google Docs if you wish to use it; if not, ignore the sidebar marked X at the top right.

Additionally, when practicing how to do MLA format on google docs, you might have to abide by subtly different MLA guidelines than what the template offers; therefore, confirm all the requirements before submission.

MLA format on google docs: manually

When looking at the MLA format on google docs, you can manually apply the MLA style. This is a great alternative since there are various requirements more than what the template provides or if you are more focused on applying all the significant rules.

  • An inch page margin

By default Google Docs apply an inch margin on each side of the work. Although, you can confirm through clicking on the menu, choosing File, followed by Page Setup. Make sure the margins are set to one inch, and if they are in centimeters, they need to be 2.54cm. Finally, click ok.

  • A clear typeface

The most commendable font and size for MLA format on google docs are Times New Roman and 12, respectively.  Click on the font options at the toolbar and choose Times New Roman. For the font size options, choose 12.

  • Double spacing

To achieve double-spacing when doing MLA format on google docs, press the line and paragraphing option at the toolbar and choose double.

  • Page numbers

You have to type your last name and page number on your header’s right side. To achieve this, click twice at the top of the page to edit the header. Since the header is somewhat separated from the entire paper, you have to check if the size and font are appropriate. Choose the Right to align option on the toolbar, then key your last name and click space. Finally, on the menu’s top, click insert, then page numbers, and choose the option that presents the page numbers at the most top-right.

  • Title page

These are the details regarding your course, you, and your paper’s title, and it is typically the first page. In your paper’s body, choose left align and type the expected course description. Key in the vital details about the course is to click enter after every detail to enter a new line. Click enter after typing the submission date, then press the center to align option. Finally, key in your title, and do not forget there is no particular formatting.

  • Paragraph indenting

When learning how to manually do the MLA format on google docs, it is essential to understand indenting the paragraphs. To achieve this, click enter to get a line break below your title, suppose you have not already, and go to left align. Select format, click on Align and Indent, and choose the indentation options. Apply the special indent and choose the first line, typically 1.27 centimeters or 0.5 inches.

  • Works cited

This is usually on a new page with ½ inch indentation for overflow lines.

Submit your MLA formatted work on google docs confidently

After you are done formatting, the only part remaining is writing. Additionally, Google Docs will automatically save your work; therefore, you will be stress-free about losing your work. However, ensure to keep a record of all the cited sources at the end! Success on your paper!



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