Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee




We are appreciative that you have taken your time to choose our essay writing services. We would like to ensure that you get the best experience as you explore, evaluate, and purchase our products. However, we understand that you may get a product that may not measure up to your expectations. Although this is a highly unlikely event, we would like you to go through the following terms with regards to returning the product:


  • There is a possibility of encountering payment issues such as double payments or mistakenly placing identical orders when using our Website.
  • We may be unable to locate a qualified writer for your order.
  • In case the order is delivered late, you can cancel the order. You also have the right to use materials that were provided during the process of placing the order or in the progress of the order. The order can also be canceled if the writer refuses to work on the paper or stops working on the paper midway. Please note that this particular condition does not apply to revision cases.
  • More than 10% of the paper is plagiarized and where an official plagiarism report accompanies the claim for plagiarism. We compare it with the report that we take before sending the paper to you.
  • The final essay submitted is off-topic or fails to match the original requirements listed by the client when placing the order.




Kindly remember that you have the right to request a partial or full refund in case you receive the wrong paper or a paper that you are unsatisfied with. Refunds are NOT issued automatically and are treated on a case-by-case basis. This means that every paper is treated uniquely and flexibly before issuing a refund.

In such a case, the company will send the disputed paper to our independent Quality Assurance Department so that it can be proofread and graded. You are advised to apply for refunds 14 days after receipt of your paper is equal to or less than 30 pages. You can also apply for a refund if your paper is more than 30 pages long and 30 days have elapsed after receipt of the paper. It may take up to 48 hours to grade your paper. The process of grading includes calculating the percentage of content that is incorrect and using this percentage to calculate the amount of refund that you shall receive.




You also need to keep in mind about several crucial points when disputing a paper:

  • You are required to provide dispute reasons backed up by evidence.
  • Our support team may take up to 48 hours to resolve your dispute. During this period, we shall keep constant communication with you and the writer. Additionally, we may require you to provide us with more information, evidence, or materials to support your request.
  • Dispute cases are reviewed individually, and a decision is given after careful considerations. The value of the refund is based on a percentage of the total value on a case to case basis.




If you decided to cancel the order after we have assigned it to a writer, we only make a refund based on the draft that the writer had completed at the time of your cancellation. You will be sent the draft from the writer three hours after making the request. However, we do not guarantee that you shall receive this draft from the writer, but we shall put us enough effort to ensure that you receive it. You are eligible to receive a draft written by a writer at the time of the receipt of the cancellation request. If you make drastic changes to the initial instructions, we may take this into account when calculating the percentage of the refund. You do not have the right to use any materials that you received in the course of preparing the canceled order.




Please note that in case your refund is processed successfully, the materials are the property of the Company. We may publish it online for commercial purposes. However, we do not store papers (including drafts) in our databases or publish them online if completed successfully. What does this mean? If you check a disputed and refunded order either through Google search or with plagiarism checking software, the paper will link back to our website. We encourage you to keep in touch with our customer care and support team by using live chat, our toll-free number, or our email in case you believe that there are other issues concerning your order, or in case you need to cancel your order. We shall review each case independently and carefully and come up with a solution that is just and fair. Finally, please remember that if you live in the European Union territory and paid VAT when placing your order, the VAT amount is not refundable.



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