You have a teenage friend who is a vegan and she has just found out that her mother has osteoporosis. She is very worried about her bone health but will not eat any animal products. Give her any three suggestions that she could follow to ensure the future health of her bones.

Vegans can use different foods to improve the health of their bones. First, they should intake protein-rich soy foods. This is because the content in these foods is helpful in increasing the calcium absorption in the intestines. Calcium, in turn, helps in increasing the bone health. Intake of vegetables and fruits will also be helpful in giving the body Vitamin K which will be useful to the bones by producing bone proteins which help in maintaining the bones. Whole grain intake will also be vital as it will help the body in getting minerals such as magnesium which help in maintaining the mineral density of bones.

Many people assume that calcium and vitamin D are the only two nutrients that are essential to bone health, so they focus on getting enough of these two nutrients. List any three other nutrients that are important for bone health and describe how they function in the body.

Calcium and vitamin D are not the only two nutrients that are vital to bone health. Other nutrients that are important to bone health are proteins, sodium and other vitamins including A, C and K. The appropriate levels of protein intake help the body in improving the bone status. Proteins also help in reducing the occurrence of hip fractures by giving the body enough energy and containing critical nutrients for the bones. Sodium in its appropriate levels helps in reducing urinary calcium losses a component that is important in bone development. Vitamin K helps in the production of bone proteins used in maintaining bones; Vitamin C is useful in maintaining bone collagen while Vitamin A is involved in the process of bone remodeling.

Your friend argues that being thin and keeping one’s weight down place less stress on the bones. She uses smoking as a way to reduce her appetite so that she doesn’t overeat. You have taken a nutrition class and are aware of the risk factors associated with osteoporosis. Discuss what you would tell her about the impact of her strategy on the health of her bones.

Keeping the weight of an individual down is used to help in reducing stress on the bones. However, using smoking as a way of keeping the weight down is detrimental to the bones. Smoking makes the density of bones to reduce, and this causes osteoporosis. Smoking also makes the bones to lack strength, and this increases the risk of getting fractures. Smoking also slows down the healing process of fractures such that a smoker will take time to heal a fracture as compared to a nonsmoker who will take a shorter time.

Give two reasons why drinking cola beverages can be harmful to the health of the bones.

Drinking cola beverages is harmful to bone health because of two reasons. The first one is that it displaces the milk in a person’s diet especially in small children and adolescents. Milk is important in the health of bones as it is a source of calcium. Calcium is helpful in building bone strength, and bone strength should be build when a person is young. The second reason is that cola beverages speed up the dismantlement of bones. This is because they contain excess phosphorous that when in the body causes dismantling of the bones.

Application: please share how you think you will be applying the concepts learned in this controversy in your life, and, in the life of people that are closer to you.

The concepts learned in this controversy are applicable in the life of an individual. The article explains about the foods to take to ensure bone health and these guidelines on the food should be followed. The article also explains that the best way to ensure that the bones are still strong in old age is by ensuring that bone health is developed in childhood and adolescent stages. This too should be put into practice to ensure bone health.


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