These statements highlight our policy. They outline how we treat the information collected from you as a result of visiting this website. The purpose of the collection of this information is only to improve the content and information on our website and to customize it to give the customer an improved service and experience. The company does not share customer information with third parties.


Information collected as a result of browsing the website

The website collects statistical information using the Web server, and this information includes your IP address, the specific browser you are using, access times and the type of operating system you are using. Sometimes, the company can collect the information using cookies in order to customize the content of the web pages based on your IP address, a specific type of browser, as well as other anonymous information.


About Cookies

The cookies are text files that help the server to identify a computer. Cookies also help to identify the specific type of computer that you are using. Cookies do not identify a user, and there are many types of websites that use cookies to gather information regarding users that visit the websites. Cookies can also be used by other exterior services including Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, and PayPal. However, the website does not distribute or transmit personal information from its customers or website visitors to other third parties unless they are in the process of placing an order, completing an order, or delivering an order. Users maintain the right to modify the settings of the process so that they can accept or refuse all cookies. Users have the right to refuse non-functional cookies like tracking, and analytics.


Use of optional information

A customer or website visitor may be prompted by some sections of the website to provide personal information that may include an email address, personal names, and other types of personal contact information. The collected personal information is used when placing an order, completing an order, or delivering an order. Please note that this information is not distributed to third parties. We do not use personal information to make automated decisions.


Future developments

There is a possibility that the privacy statement herein will be modified in the future and this modification will include the statements that have been published in this section or within the general website posted on this website and in this section. Therefore, you are advised to regularly check the privacy policy page from time to time so that you can be updated on changes in the privacy policy statement.



The company has taken extra measures to ensure that your information is protected from any form of misuse, loss, alterations, or unauthorized access.


Links disclaimer

We may propose links that may require you to leave this website and navigate to an external website to offer you additional or specific information. Providing you with the link is not an endorsement of any content, products, services, failures, policies, viewpoints, or any information existing outside this website. In case you follow the proposed link and navigate outside this website, you shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the destination website as well as the regulations maintained by the State or country, including its privacy policy.


Prohibited disclosures

If you acquire any information from employees or employers as it is allowed under this article, it must be used exclusively in allowing the commissioner to discharge his or her duties. This information should not be accessible to the public or disseminated within the public domain. Additionally, it cannot be used by any court in their actions or be used in a court proceeding, except if the commissioner is the party to such proceedings or actions, notwithstanding any other existing provision(s) of the law.


Privacy policy changes

Keep in mind that the design and information contained on this website are subject to improvements and upgrades. As a result, you should expect the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy to change from time to time without giving you any notice. Therefore, you are advised to keep track of this privacy policy statement by visiting the website from time to time and orienting yourself with the updates.


Access to information

You may request to be offered any personal information that you provide to this website. In case you notice any inaccuracies, you can request this information to be changed and corrected to ensure that the website has your most relevant and accurate personal information. If you request such a change, you will not be charged an additional fee. You have the right to access any information about you that you provided to us according to the Data Protection Act of 1988. You are free to request the personal information modification service by contacting the support team at any time.


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