The idea of making presentations makes some people uneasy while for some it is an exciting experience. Presentations are a great way to address people directly. It is important for one to note that when making presentations some things should be considered to ensure that the presentation is professional and effective. The first thing to consider in a presentation is the audience. The topic to be addressed and the way of presentation should be in line with the audience so that they can be interested and pay attention during the presentation. The structure of the presentation should be clear and logical also so that the audience can follow and understand the information being presented.
Screencasts are digital recordings that can be viewed using a computer screen and which have an audio narration in most instances explaining what the viewer sees on their screen (Morris and Chikwa, 2014). Some tips should be followed in ensuring that one makes effective screencasts. One tip is to develop a plan. In this plan, one should determine the audience of the screencast, how long it should be, and the sequence of events that should be followed. When recording the screencast, ensure that the screen recording application is of high quality. Once you are done recording edit the clips to ensure that the incorporated parts are the relevant ones and it is as you had planned.
There are more tips to coming up with effective presentations other than the ones explained above. These tips can be found on the following link which is This link is helpful as it explains more about preparing for a presentation and also the way to act during the presentation to make effective and professional. The link explains how to use the voice and body language during presentations, and this will be a guide during presentations. 
Morris, C., & Chikwa, G. (2014). Screencasts: How effective are they and how do students engage with them?. Active Learning in Higher Education, 15(1), 25-37.

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