Pro-Social Psychopathy

Pro-Social Psychopathy
Do you think people should ever be tested for the presence of psychopathy-associated alleles?
Yes, people should be tested for the presence of psychopathy-associated alleles. This is because the scientific research explains the parts of the brain that are affected when people are psychopaths. With this research, neuroscientists can conduct research and scans on people’s brain to understand why the psychopaths act in the way they do (Fallon, 2014). This test can also be used to study people who have high levels of psychopathy-associated alleles such as serial killers, high-risk investors, soldiers, and this will explain their behavior and can be used to learn more about them.
Would there ever be a situation where this would be warranted?
The testing of the presence of these alleles can be warranted when neuroscientists are doing their research to explain the behaviors of psychopaths in the society. They can explain the behaviors of criminals such as serial killers using the test. It can also be used by prosecutors and lawyers in court as they deliberate on matters in court concerning serial killing and other psychopath activities. However, there should be an understanding that not all people with these alleles are harmful or criminals. In this case, the neuroscientist tested his alleles only to realize that he had a high level of psychopathy-associated alleles (Fallon, 2014). He did not recognize that he was a pro-social psychopath until he asked his family and friends who confirmed that it was true. This shows that some people with these alleles have no idea that they act in the way that they do. However, the test can be used to rectify behavior of people with these alleles. For instance, in this case, the neuroscientist tries to more empathetic with his friends and family.


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