Research and Public Policy

Research and Public Policy
The New York Police Department (NYPD) eliminated the stop and frisk policy in the New York State. The policy of stop and frisk was ruled to be unconstitutional in August 2013. However, some similar policies are being used in other states in the United States. The reason for the ban of this policy in New York was because the policy was ineffective and encouraged racism (NYPD, 2013). The policy of stop and frisk started as a method of the war on drugs. However, the stop and frisk policy seemed to target people from minority groups such as the African Americans.
Research conducted in New York indicated that fifty-three percent of the stops in the state were made on individuals who were black and thirty-one percent were Hispanic. This meant that only sixteen percent of the stops were made on white people despite having the whites as the largest population in New York City. The research also indicated that less than one percent of the stops yielded positive results where police seized illicit goods (NYPD, 2013). This meant that the stop and frisk policy was ineffective and encouraged racism and this made the NYPD ban the policy and get other ideas of fighting drugs.
As a policymaker, it is important that one uses the findings of research appropriately in formulating public policies. Before coming up with policies to deal with crime and criminals and ways of preventing crime, it is vital that research is conducted first so that the situation in the ground can be assessed (Wilson and Petersilia, 2011). Also, it is unethical to formulate policies that are not in line with research as these policies will have negative effects on society. Bardach and Patashnik (2016), postulate that all criminal justice policymakers should pay keen attention to research findings before they formulate policies that will be used by the criminal justice system.

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