Role, Value, and Challenges in Vocational/Career Planning

Role, Value, and Challenges in Vocational/Career Planning
Herman, Olivio, and Gioia (2003) assert that “Interest in career planning is at an all-time high and will become even stronger as we move into the future” (p. 108). In this Discussion you will play off this quote by explaining the role and value of vocational/career counseling and its value as well as assessing some of the challenges involved in doing it.

To prepare for this Discussion:

· Review Chapter 8 in the course text, focusing on career planning.

· Think about the ways in which vocational/career counseling can emerge or consciously be employed in counseling sessions with clients.

· Reflect on the value of a client engaging in vocational/career counseling.

· Consider the challenges that may arise while engaging with a client in vocational/career counseling and planning.

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