The Moscow Times

The Moscow Times

Part One

The Moscow Times is a publication in Russia that is done in English. It is published and distributed for free to various places in the country. The details and publications of the paper can also be accessed online through various subscriptions. The newspaper is privately owned where the editorial decisions of the newspaper are made by the reporters and editors of the newspaper. The paper was previously owned by Sanoma, a Finnish media company, but in 2015 the paper changed ownership to a Russian known as Demyan Kudryavtsev. The relationship between the United States and Russia dates back to the World War II period. The countries have cooperated and clashed severally. After the cold war Russia joined the G-7 to form the G-8, and with this, the two countries found avenues that they could work on together. The two countries disagreed on the way to deal with the Syrian Civil War in 2015. America was against the then president of Bashar al-Assad and wanted him to resign. Russia, on the other hand, supported the government of Syria against the people who were rebelling against it.

The two countries have diplomatic relations where there are diplomats in each country. These diplomats such as the ambassadors help to solve conflicts when the two countries are disagreeing about an issue. The United States is treated with respect by the journalists, public and government officials. This is because of the mutual respect between the two countries. Journalists are keen at ensuring that the stories they publish about the US are based on facts and that they are true. The paper publishes stories about the US each week, and on average each publication does not miss a story about the US. The paper covers stories about President Trump and the policies he makes especially those that affect Russia.

Part Two

The perspective about international events and the U.S. politics are sometimes similar and other times different depending on the interests of the country. For example the argument about the closing of the diplomatic facilities belonging to Russia was argued from a negative perspective which is not the case in the United States. The paper criticized the U.S. for warning its citizens against going to Russia for the football world cup. The paper also criticized the decision by the U.S. Embassy in Russia of suspending the processing of visa applications by non-immigrants. The decision was taken as a response to the expulsion of U.S. diplomats from the country.

There are differences between The Moscow Times and American news sources. One of the differences is that the paper concentrates much about issues in Russia and those that affect it whereas most American news sources are diverse and their news comprises of all the major events occurring in almost all parts of the world. The most interesting thing I found in my research is that in the largest country in the world, Russia, there is only one newspaper that is written in English which is The Moscow Times.

The realism model was of great help in understanding the findings. Realism deals with facts about an issue and not viewing it with the way it is expressed. In politics, realism shows a situation where countries act in a way that takes care of their national interest although the countries always argue that their actions are guided by moral concern. For example, a publication on Apr 10, 2018, discussed a warning from Russia to the U.S. Russia warned that there would be great consequences to the U.S. if Syria was attacked. The model helped me in understanding that Russia is not protecting Syria because it cares about the citizens of that country rather it is doing it because of the political benefits and relationship it has with Syria. Based on the findings, the United States should maintain its policies. This is because every country acts to protect its interests and therefore, President Trump should ensure that policies made are of benefit to the country and its citizens.

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