Writing a quantitative report related to Esports

Topic: Future development of Esports in Hong Kong/ Esports in the economic aspect
(Choose ONE out of two)

Word range: 1200 – 1500 words (excluding the cover page, tables and graphs in the context, references and appendix).

Suggested format
– Title
– Summary/Abstract (optional) Introduction
– Research question(s)/aims Data
– Organization and Analysis of data Interpretation Conclusion/summary
– References (& Appendix)
*Data, organization of data and interpretation are suggested to be merged as one section.

• Academic tone: objective,formal,evidence-based,avoid emotional language
• Cite sources properly (in-text and references)
• Label your figures and tables properly
• Put a caption below a figure(including chart/graph/picture/map/etc.)
• Put a caption above a table

***As this is a quantitative-based report so there must be analysis and actual data to support the ideas and the content should be full of quantitative information and data.

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